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Local Attractions

A Schooner Inn is centrally located to a great many local attractions for a one day itinerary. If it's a scenic drive to explore hidden coves or a tour of whale watching, historic sites, a lighthouse picnic an east coast trail or even a dinner reservation, we can point the way. We'd love to assist you !

In our Breakfast Room, we have a binder of sample one day itineries our guests can browse through and many pamphlets from our partner tour companies. We don't even mind contacting them for you to inquire about a booking. 


The following are websites for some of the attractions in our Region of the Avalon Pinninsula for you to peruse.

1. Whale Watching and Puffin Tours



2. Iceberg tours 



3. Colony of Avalon and Ferryland Lighthouse 




4. Cape St. Mary's Seabird Sanctuary



5. Kayaking Adventures



6. Cape Spear - Most Easternly Point of North America



7. Hawthorne cottage national historic site



8. Railway Station Museum of Avondale