A Schooner Inn   A Schooner Inn
  A Schooner Inn   A Schooner Inn   A Schooner Inn    
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Gourmet and Organic

Join us for a signature breakfast each morning...gourmet style!


Awake to the aroma of Newfoundland's freshly brewed coffee. Drift down our original 150 year old staircase and join other guests for our delicious breakfast.


On the way down, pause and  take a closer look at our century old antique "wash stand" hand crafted from old wooden grocery crates.




Enjoy our delicious, organic, food which is made in our Inn's kitchen, using local and fresh ingredients whenever possible, sourced from one of our " made in Newfoundland" suppliers.




On a warm sunny day, take your coffee to our ocean front veranda, sitting area or hammock. 

A Schooner Inn...a little piece of heaven on the ocean ! Unplug and enjoy the tranquility.