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Signature Breakfasts

Join us for a signature breakfast each morning...gourmet style!

We offer one of our signature dishes each morning.....

....stuffed cream cheese blueberry french toast with a maple drizzle......Atlantic smoked salmon souffle..... partridge berry orange, sour cream pancakes with a maple butter syrup.....baked croissants with shaved black forest ham and swiss cheese topped with a purple and red plum compote .....NL toutons and lassy served with molasses baked beans and Sailor's duff in sauce, to name just a few of our delicious choices.

Always available ...a selection offering.....

Oven baked oatmeal bread from our Heritage Newfoundland cookbook.....homemade berry preserves.....greek yogurt.....mixed trail breakfast bars.....oven baked muffins....... partridgeberry scones








Enjoy the feeling of being spoiled. You deserve it....

Long ago Newfoundland's Schooner Ships brought fishermen into Holyrood to catch squid bait for their fishing expidition on the Labrador waters.

When these men were returning home after a long schooning voyage, they would raise their glasses and toast to everyone's good health.

'Long may your big jib draw'

You're invited to raise your glass of juice and let us toast to your good health. Enter the inn as strangers but leave as our friends. We look forward to your visit.