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Heritage Newfoundland Recipes !
Posted on : April, 2014
I am a true foodie. I can't remember when I wasn't interested in collecting recipes,trying out new cooking techniques or cooking for friends.

In my kitchen are many kinds of cookbooks with all kinds of Newfoundland recipes. I linger as I read each of the recipe titles. "Lassy raisin bread....figgy duff pudding....cinnamon raisin pudding." They're all prepared with just a few simple ingredient staples and a great deal of ingenuity.

I hesitate a moment as I read the recipe titled "Cream of the West flour" in one cookbook. I can vividly remember being a very young girl, when my mother entered a contest with her cake recipe.

Her name is boldly typed in the back of the cookbook. Mrs. Martin Kavanagh, Calvert. "Orange Cake." I smile. Using one's husband's first name was the thing to do in the 1960's. I can't help but wonder what name I'd enter in a similar contest for 2012. How times have changed. I gaze back to my cookbook collection.

At the Inn this summer, I'm going to offer my guests a glimpse into Newfoundland tastes of yesterday by serving foods made from many of these long lost recipes. Come join us at the Breakfast table for a sample
Perhaps I should pinch myself !
Posted on : March, 2014
Well it finally happened ....almost three years ago,the Inn was almost ready to receive guests! Who would have believed it? Certainly not me! It seemed every problem that could occur in renovating a heritage house of 1884 vintage, happened. Funny thing was that some of these had absolutely nothing to do with a hammer or saw, although I had my share of those issues too!

I could hear the worried carpenter's voice now, with his 'round the bay thick accent. "Missus", he'd sputter , "ya got problems...there's a lynx up in dat der roof; I saw him b'y....."

But Alas! the renovation headaches are just an unpleasant memory and now, nestled in the bay of Holyrood's harbor is our beautiful heritage Inn restored to its original 1884 grandeur. What a beauty she is !

Has this really happening? Perhaps I'd better pinch myself.