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Newfoundland Heritage Award

In 2010, the Town of Holyrood, declared our house, with cooperation of Historic Trust of NL, a municipal historic site. The "Veitch Property". A special plague, made of Newfoundland slate, was awarded to trhe Town of Holyrood's heritage committee and us, as the owners for our restoration efforts. It is now mounted on the Inn for all to view and admire.. We're so proud !

The Veitch House, its name represented for the original family, is of architectural value as an example of Second Empire, wooden housing style in Newfoundland of the late 1880 s. Its heritage beauty often brings out music from guests, on our seaside veranda, under a moonlit night. Tranquility !




Architectural features include a Second Empire styled mansard roof, ornamental door surrounds, wooden windows trims, and eaves brackets to name a few.