A Schooner Inn   A Schooner Inn
  A Schooner Inn   A Schooner Inn   A Schooner Inn    
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Our Story

One Sunday afternoon, on a drive around the bay, we came upon a dilapidated old seaside Victorian house. The white paint, had withered to a dingy grey, and the surrounding lilac trees thick and overgrown. But it was love at first sight!

That was 28 years ago and slowly this Victorian seaside retreat , nestled on the edge of Holyrood''s bay, edged its way into our heart and soul. With it, began our dream to one day share it with tourists, as a historic NL bed and breakfast Inn.

Over the years we would renovate and garden, bonfire on the beach, sip wine on the old veranda, and build lasting family memories with our twin daughters, family and friends..




Our beautiful cottage, lovingly restored to its previous 1884 grandeur, charm and grace, welcomed tourists and guests, as A Schooner Inn, in 2012

You could call the Inn our "transition into retirement "project. Yes, dreams really do come true.