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Nice to meet you

Colette Kavanagh, 

is an owner/operator of A Schooner Inn and manages all aspects of Innkeeping.

Having grown up in NL, she studied post secondary education in Ontario where she specialized in Foods, Nutriton and Education. After moving back to NL she worked in healh care and public education.

These days she is transitioning into retirement with her true love, Innkeeping, to pursue her love of people, cooking, writing and gardening. 

Bob Halfyard, 

Husband of Colette, calls himself the chief handyman around the Inn. He says his "honey do list" is as long as his arm during the summer, now that he has retired.

Bob was also educated in Ontario and moved back to NL to pursue a career as a Land Planner and Landscape Architect for NL's Provincial Parks and Protected Wilderness areas. During the winter, when not travelling with his wife Colette, he consults in the areas of Tourism, Parks and Environmental Protection.

When Bob isn't revising his "honey -do list" he is outdoors, where he enjoys outdoor photography and gardening.