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Travelling to NL

Coming to Newfoundland  for a visit this year?


In terms of total area size, the main Island of our province, Newfoundland, is much bigger, total area size, than it looks.  


It's important to book as much in advance as possible and plan out the details of your itinerary, especially during the busy tourist months of June, July and August. You'll find that during this peak season, demand is quite high for air flights, ferry travel, car rentals and bed and breakfast accomodations.



How do you travel to our Province?


Air Travel


There are a couple of ways you can reach the main Island of Newfoundland.  National and International air flight connections stop in both historic St. John's, our province's capital city and in Gander. 


Vehicle and Ferry 


Newfoundland is a great place for a highway driving trip. It's location on the most easterly edge of North America, make for beautiful landscape and coastal scenery. 


There are two  marine ferry entry points, one  is located on the west coast of the province, from North Sydney to Port Aux Basques. The  second ferry, during the summer season, leaves from North Sydney, Nova Scotia and arrives in Argentia, NL, which is located 90 minutes from  St. John's and only 1 hour from our Inn.